Laura Cetilia {Leading Tones}

Becoming Whole [13:04]

Half-Diminished Returns [15:07]

Becoming Whole [1, 3, 5] [13:04]

Becoming Whole [2, 4, 6] [13:04]

Half-Diminished Returns [P5] [15:07]

Half-Diminished Returns [TT] [15:07]

Half-Diminished Returns [M3] [15:07]

Half-Diminished Returns [m3] [15:07]

Laura Cetilia | cello

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by
Luke Damrosch, Efferent Productions.

Funded in part by the
Cornell Council for the Arts.

Sink into Leading Tones and allow yourself to be transported to unexpected sonic terrains. The journey begins with “Becoming Whole,” for six multi-tracked cellos. The work emerges from the lowest register of the instrument and slowly ascends through one octave of a whole tone scale, moving at the glacial speed of one half step per minute. Having developed a playing technique uniquely her own, Cetilia creates a hazy mass of intonation by shying away from the fundamental, coaxing a multitude of overtones to emanate from her instrument. What results is a richly complex yet delicate veil of sound that traverses through an abundance of shade and color.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Half-Diminished Returns” descends through the harmonic series of four multi-tracked cellos tuned to the pitches of a half-diminished chord. Despite the historical use of this chord for its “quintessentially dramatic” character, Cetilia’s composition and performance transforms the sonority into soothing velvety pads when played as hushed tones of the natural harmonics of the cello. The music gracefully glides through each overtone and the quiet noise in between, patiently cycling through their suppleness and otherworldly aural charms.

Two special split editions are also available for those who want to make their own mixes of each composition.

Release Date: May 3, 2024


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