Mark Cetilia {Exceptional Objects}

gD [04:04]

sD [10:56]

gI [07:27]

sD [07:33]

Mark Cetilia
analog modular & electronics

Recorded at Elektronmusikstudion EMS,
Stockholm SE (September – October 2023).

Mixed and mastered at Mocoxon Studios,
Providence RI (March – April 2024).

Made possible in part by the RISD
Professional Development Fund.

These exceptional objects are the offspring of machines centered around the exploration of the senses — the antithesis of artificial intelligence. They are accounts of touch, an index of contact points, lines, and surfaces. Whirring and purring in mechanical delight, synapses make countless connections and sensual discoveries unfold as electricity courses through circuits. Hums and clicks ensue with each tingle and prickle. There is no differentiation between pain and pleasure — all are varying degrees of vibration, outlining unforeseen contours. Bits of perception are strung together, converge and are subsumed. There is no prompt in sight, no massive models to be trained on, no hallucination-free insights to be found. Illumination sparks from within, a central glow pulsates and expands. These are the results of a series of experiments responding to a single question: What if?

Recorded at the venerable Elektronmusikstudion EMS in Stockholm in Fall 2023, this album brings together a series of stellated sound objects culled from a month of investigations into EMS’ massive Buchla 200 system (sD / sgD), Buchla 100 clone, courtesy of Jon Nensén aka The Human Comparator (gD), and Cetilia’s own Tacstosyn platform in conjunction with EMS’ Serge modular (gI).

Release Date: May 3, 2024


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