Mark Cetilia {Impact + Aftermath}

Pulse Shape 22 (Gamma) [34:51]
software defined radio + electronics

Palinopsia [23:14]
analog modular, shortwave radio + electronics

Pulse Shape 22 (Gamma) recorded live at
Third Mind, Granoff Center for the Arts
Providence RI | April 5, 2012

Palinopsia recorded live at R.K. Projects
Providence RI | September 17, 2011

Art + Design by Mark Cetilia

Comprised of two live recordings focused on the manipulation of inaudible signals found in the electromagnetic spectrum in real time, Impact + Aftermath runs the gamut from the sparse and quiet to a full-out assault on the senses through a series of acoustic events that carefully navigate the thresholds of perception.

Beginning at an almost inaudible level, the opening piece, Pulse Shape 22 (Gamma) creeps into the listener’s consciousness, slowly filling empty space with unrelenting full-frequency noise. The structure of Pulse Shape 22 is derived from metrics on energy accumulation over a period of 2.2 nanoseconds resulting from the targeting of sixty lasers on a single tetrahedral hohlraum in weapons testing experiments as carried out at the Los Alamos Inertial Confinement Fusion unit’s Omega laser facility. Its spatialization engine was driven using the pointing parameters for the laser beams from these experiments. In this piece, the duration of one experiment has been stretched out nearly a trillion times, and when the implosion finally occurs, all that is left is a sharp ringing, fading into silence.

The second piece, Palinopsia, picks up where Pulse Shape 22 left off. Comprised of high frequencies that shift and expand at almost imperceptible rates, this piece fades into and out of focus, generating physical responses that may be unsettling at times. Palinopsia was performed as an auditory response to a silent screening of New York based video artist Naho Taruishi’s Corner Projection No. 2 as part of an evening of performances curated by her collaborator Laura Cetilia at R.K. Projects in 2011, and exists as a captured moment of reflection upon the delicate nature of the video itself.

Impact + Aftermath is available in a in a letterpress printed / hand numbered edition of 200 carefully crafted releases. Each copy comes with a download code for an HD video of Pulse Shape 22.

Release Date: September 1, 2013



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